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Welcome to Mombasa Veterinary Clinic, where Quality Care with Skill and Experience is our drive.

Who We Are

We Love Your Pet, Just as You Do!

Mombasa Road Veterinary Clinic is a premier provider of animal health services. We have been offering veterinary services for many years now and we love every part of our job! We provide a very warm and friendly environment for your animals. Our professional team make sure your pet and/ or animal(s) always gets the highest level of care, because we treat all pets and animals as if they were our own!

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Emergency Care

We have a veterinarian on duty 6 days a week who is trained and equipped to handle any urgent care your pet has. Emergencies can be poisoning,


Our Services recognize that Preventative Care is extremely important to your pet's quality of life and longevity so our preventative care exams and

Vaccines for Dog

This is your pet's best defence against preventable diseases, and we recommend the core vaccinations (rabies and distemper) for every dog & cat

Parasite Prevention

Flea and parasite control are an important part of taking care of our loved animals. Dogs and Cats contract these hardy organisms by eating infected