Farm Animals


Every farmer would like to have a profitable healthy cow. We at Mombasa Road Veterinary clinic are passionate about dairy farming. We undertake farm visits to offer the following services

    • Disease prevention and treatment: we carry out Sick-animal diagnosis – individual animal care when needed and training of farm staff to identify disease and illness along with appropriate treatments.
    • Treatment of common diseases e.g. mastitis, pneumonia etc
    • Animal Nutrition and feeding; Nutritional consultation and diet planning
    • Breeding and Reproductive programs including pregnancy diagnosis
    • Animal vaccination Programmes
    • Farming training and advise
    • Surgical procedures.

We undertake routine Farm Health Visits because your herd’s health is your profitability, and our staff is available to provide you with practical and sustainable solutions to your herd health problems along with routine veterinary care.
Visits are scheduled depending on the farm’s need, but often are weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonal. Many dairy and beef farms utilize routine visits for Farm consultation and management meetings for dairy farm problems or improvements.

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