Super dog

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SuperDog Health & Vitality

The key to a healthy, happy dog is often similar to humans; enough love, care and attention, plenty of exercise and a healthy balanced diet providing optimum micronutrient intake. SuperDog Health & Vitality contains a comprehensive blend of essential nutrients at optimum levels for healthy dogs.

Comprehensive advanced formula to support health and vitality
SuperDog Health & Vitality has been scientifically formulated by experts in canine health to provide advanced nutritional support for your four-legged friend.
The formula contains 25 vital nutrients to help safeguard your dog’s diet, whatever their size or breed.
Vitamins, minerals and micronutrients from a healthy diet, in addition to supplementation, play a crucial role to help maintain:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Skin & Coat Condition
  • Nervous System
  • All-round Support
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For happy, healthy dogs, SuperDog Health & Vitality gives you 25 essential nutrients to complement a balanced diet.

  • A balanced formula that’s ideal for any dog size or breed
  • Supports Battersea with every purchase
  • From the Kenya’s No.1 vitamin company


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